With our consecutive Master's program "Biology/Biology - From Molecules to Organisms" you will crown your Bachelor's degree. Learn more about our study program here!

If you are passionate about modern and highly publicized science, you have come to the right place. For years, Biology Osnabrück has been at the top of the list and, in addition to numerous projects funded by third parties and the DFG, runs a highly funded Collaborative Research Center that focuses on the physiology and dynamics of cellular micro-compartments. Since 2016, CellNanOs is a state-of-the-art, high-performance research building that uniquely combines interdisciplinary research and microscopy techniques. Thus, we also contribute significantly to the profile line "Integrated Science: From Single Molecule to System" of the University of Osnabrück. Best conditions for your Master's degree!

Leading research from Osnabrück

As a research-strong faculty, you can benefit from the practical and research-relevant study programs with us and choose between three different majors:

Many working groups of our department are thematically embedded in the context of our Collaborative Research Center "Physiology and Dynamics of Cellular Microcompartments" and thus focus on cell and molecular biological topics. With our research building, the Center for Cellular Nanoanalytics (CellNanOs), we have had the best infrastructure and technology on site since 2016 to unlock the secrets of the smallest functional units of the cell, the cellular microcompartments, for example.

You too can benefit from this and can experience and learn state-of-the-art microscopy technology regardless of your focus. The project work in the third semester and your master's thesis in the fourth semester are the ideal opportunity to get a taste of the researcher's air and to advance current and relevant research.

Through the practice-oriented studies you will be prepared for your career start with a wide range of methods. In addition, the seminars of the master modules and the assistant modules ensure that you can develop your presentation and leadership skills: useful soft skills that simplify your start in professional life. In addition, the practical parts of the master modules or the excursion module can be replaced by an industrial internship.

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