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© Dr. Tim Koopmans

Spiny mice possess an extraordinary ability for mammals: they can repair injured tissue without forming scars. A joint study by researchers led by Prof. Kerstin Bartscherer (AG Animal Physiology) and Prof. Ashley Seifert (University of Kentucky) provides new insights into the molecular basis of this phenomenon - which could one day prove valuable for the treatment of human diseases.

© Osnabrück University | from left: Fotolia | Linea Muhsal | Montage: Lena Dehnen

How does cooperation develop? And why is cooperation worthwhile? Professor Kost and his ecology group have researched these questions on bacteria and published them in the journal "Current Biology".

© Osnabrück University | Lena Dehnen
Behind the scenes

As part of the series "Spitzenforschung in Niedersachsen" (translation: "top research in lower saxony") the public service broadcaster NDR made a stopover at our premises and took a look inside our ultra-modern research building. Check out how top research is made possible at the Osnabrück Biology department and what it looked like behind the scenes during the shoot!