Scientific research is one thing, showing the research results to a larger audience in an interesting and understandable way is another. In the master symposium, our master students practice designing a scientific poster and presenting it in an internal poster session. How do I design such a poster and what is important in the talk? And which of our master students has created the best poster?

Accurate, scientific work and the meaningful and engaging communication of the findings obtained are two important skills in the professional life of biologists. While our students learn expert knowledge and laboratory techniques in lectures and practical courses, our modules such as the master symposium are there to teach soft skills such as proper presenting.

In our master module "Master Symposium", students will first learn from the professors which topics are being researched in the different working groups. This helps them to select the appropriate working group for their master's thesis. In the accompanying poster session, the students then present the published research results of some of the working groups with the use of posters. It is important to design and present a poster in such an appealing and interesting way in terms of content and visuals that the audience enjoys listening. The posters for the master symposium are designed, printed and presented by the students on their own initiative.

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At the end Jana Milach and Badis Gazbar were awarded by Prof. Christian Kost for the best poster of the session. The two master students presented the publication "Bridging the Gap: The connection between HOPS, signaling endosomes & the activity of TORC1" from the Biochemistry group headed by Prof. Christian Ungermann. Congratulations!

These kind of posters are typically shown at conferences and meetings in large poster sessions. This allows researchers to present their work to a large audience and to interact with interested participants and other experts in the research field. Therefore, it is also important that our master's students learn how to handle poster presentations.