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The new textbook "Metazoa - Morphologie und Evolution der vielzelligen Tiere" by Prof. Achim Paululat and apl. Prof. Günter Purschke helps students in zoological dissection courses to recognize important anatomical structures. What distinguishes this manual from other textbooks in practical use? Master student Caici Neerincx contributed to the drafting of this manual and demonstrates it to you in its first major practical application.

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Excursion to the Gülper Lake and the Havelland Luch

Once again this year, Osnabrück biology students explored the wildlife at 'Gülper See' (Gülpe Lake). The starting point for all daily observation tours was the Ecological Station of the University of Potsdam in Gülpe.

© Sebastian Holt | Osnabrück University
Digital field trip

The big excursion to Costa Rica has been a well-established and popular event in our department for many years. Every two years, the excursion participants travel with our botany professor Klaus Mummenhoff to the South American country, which, despite its manageable size, boasts an incredible diversity of ecological life zones. Now apl. Prof. Mummenhoff, Felix Przesdzink and Sebastian Holt have tried to make this unique excursion experience digitally accessible and traveled to Costa Rica with elaborate film equipment. Find here the pictures and the report of the adventure!

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How nice to have you here! At the beginning of this winter semester 2020 we are happy to welcome 270 new faces who have decided to study in Osnabrück. In the first week of the semester many of them took part in the legendary "Westerberg Rallye". What this means and how much fun our firsts had despite the hygiene requirements, you can see here!

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The new series of articles entitled "Final Theses" kicks off with Lea (22), who wrote her Bachelor's thesis during the Corona crisis. What was it like to write a thesis during this unusual time and without any practical work? And what is the biggest challenge of working in the home office? We asked!

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The final opponent of every semester: the exam phase! Are you one of those students who panic on the last evening before an exam or are you one of those structured people with lovingly designed study plans for the whole semester? Take the test now and find out which learning type you are!

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Our way back to normality

After long weeks of home office and digital apprenticeship, things are finally looking up again: Under strict conditions, some practical courses are allowed to take place again! Let's have a look at the first courses after the lockdown.