How nice to have you here! At the beginning of this winter semester 2020 we are happy to welcome 270 new faces who have decided to study in Osnabrück. In the first week of the semester many of them took part in the legendary "Westerberg Rallye". What this means and how much fun our firsts had despite the hygiene requirements, you can see here!

A highlight of the first week at the new university is the legendary Westerberg Rallye, an annually organized paper chase by the Biology Student Council, which takes first-semester students from the Westerberg campus to downtown Osnabrück. With a hygiene plan and some adaptations in the schedule, the student council managed to organize a great event for the new students in this corona year as well. In small groups of eight, the students were sent through the city, where they had to demonstrate their skills and team spirit at many small stations. A quiz, various games of skill and teamwork tasks awaited the small groups, who thus played their way into the city center. Funny team names such as "Das Beste kommt zum Schluss" (english: The best comes last) or "Spülkasten" (english: Cistern/toilet tank) were as much a part of the rally as the crazy tasks. But in the end, the winner was the team "Black and Yellow".

© Osnabrück University | Lena Dehnen

It is super important for a good study experience that you build a social network that you can rely on and to which you can withdraw when things get stressful.

Jasmin from the student council

Because it is so important to get to know like-minded people and fellow students in the first semester, it was a particular concern of the student council to be able to offer the Westerberg Rallye this year as well.

© Osnabrück University | Lena Dehnen

Especially now, where there are so many restrictions that you can bring a bit of normality back into it. [...] I think the students really liked that!

Natalie und Roman from the student council

You can see in the following video that the venture was a complete success!

We wish all first-semester students an unforgettable study time!