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Here's to why Osnabrück is the best choice for you!

Those who want to study the exciting and modern natural science of biology are spoilt for choice: there are over 60 colleges and universities throughout Germany offering appropriate courses of study. Find out why studying Biology in Osnabrück is your best choice!

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Bachelor of Science

Bock auf ein Bio-Studium? Hier erfährst du, was in Osnabrück auf dich wartet!

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Study green!

Our Westerberg campus has plenty of green spaces for a short break between lectures or to relax after the seminars. Already found a good spot?

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After the Bachelor's is before the Master's: At least that's what the statistics say. Only few students leave the university after the Bachelor's degree, most pursue their studies to deepen their knowledge in a consecutive Master's program. Find out here which of the two study programs suits you best and become a Master made in Osnabrück!