Those who want to study the exciting and modern natural science of biology are spoilt for choice: there are over 60 colleges and universities throughout Germany offering appropriate courses of study. Find out why studying Biology in Osnabrück is your best choice!

Reason #1: Osnabrück top research

For 35 years now, the research-oriented faculty has been contributing to top-level research of national importance. A total of 17 biological disciplines research and publish successfully at the Osnabrück location. The Osnabrück Biology Department therefore has a strong publication record and has been able to attract coveted collaborative research centers for years. With the new research facility CellNaNOs (Center of Cellular Nanoanalytics Osnabrück), the DFG ( german research society) has once again underlined the research reach and supra-regional importance of the University of Osnabrück, ensuring that high-performance microscopy techniques and analytical methods have been available for Osnabrück research since 2017. Thus we offer best conditions for you to play at the top. Made in Osnabrück.

Reason #2: Practice-oriented education and participation in modern research

Studying for long semesters only to get inside the lab after years? Not so in Osnabrück. Our practice-oriented bachelor's degree program gives you the opportunity to get a taste of the laboratory air from the first semester on and to train you with all kinds of experimental exercises! In the last semester of your bachelor or master studies, you will work on current and modern research projects in different research groups, thereby contributing directly to basic research. In this way, you can make a significant contribution to fundamental research, on which, for example, modern medicine depends!

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Reason #3: Unique technical equipment and an optimal infrastructure

With us you have the opportunity to do research with the most modern technology and the best equipment. Since 2017, the interdisciplinary Center for Cellular Nanoanalytics (CellNanOS) at Westerberg has been a valuable addition to our Biology faculty. Here, biologists, chemists, physicists, mathematicians and cognitive scientists perform interdisciplinary research under one roof - unique in Germany! Here in Osnabrück, the most modern microscopy techniques such as cryo-electron microscopy or lattice light-sheet microscopy as well as modern analysis techniques such as mass spectrometry await you, allowing you to experience the most modern standards in scientific research technology.

Reason #4: A wide range of specialization possibilities

The Osnabrück Biology Department is diverse and teaches not only the classical biological disciplines but also specialized research areas. In a total of 17 different research groups and other junior research groups, you are sure to find the discipline that makes your heart beat faster. Thanks to the so-called "lecture series", you will quickly get an overview of the various disciplines taught at the Osnabrück Biology Department and can start specializing as early as the 3rd semester by choosing the appropriate elective modules. Finally, in our Master's program "Biology/Biology - From Molecules to Organisms" you have the opportunity to choose freely between the three main areas of specialization "General Biology", "Evolution, Behavior and Ecology", as well as "Cell and Molecular Biology" and concentrate fully on what you are passionate about. Curious? Then take a look at our study programs and the research foci of our research groups!

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Reason #5: A familiar atmosphere with a feel-good character

At the Biology department in Osnabrück, you are more than just a matriculation number. After the famous first week, which is organized by our student council, you will be a part of Osnabrück's biology at the latest. Our professors and lecturers are also close to the action, reachable and  and always have an open door for you. Since 2013, Biologie Osnabrück offers its own childcare facility, which enables the coexistence of everyday research and family life. As a certified, family-friendly university, we are particularly committed to the compatibility of your studies and family! Become a part of Osnabrück's biology and experience the inter-semester cohesion and solidarity! See you at the summer or christmas party!

Reason #6: A campus with green surroundings

Forget concrete canyons and tarred surfaces! The Westerberg campus, which is home to chemistry, physics, geoinformatics and cognitive sciences as well as to biology, is located on a green island in the middle of the city of Osnabrück. Idyllically situated on the Westerberg, an inner-city elevation, the biology buildings are within walking distance of the Botanical Garden and in direct proximity to fields and meadows, as well as inner-city recreational area. So if you want to study and relax near a small lake, under trees with a view of the campus or rather in the shade of the historic or modern university buildings, this is the right place for you! Here, you're studying at a green spot in a historic and charming city!

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Reason #7: Everything you need - all in one place

The Osnabrück Biology Department is housed in only three different buildings on the Westerberg campus: the walking distances are correspondingly short and the lecturers can be reached at all times. In contrast to other universities, the connection between lecturers and students is close, so that a contact person is quickly available for any questions. In addition, the library, the cafeteria and the botanical garden can be reached within 5 minutes walking distance! So you have everything in one place.

Reason #8: A generously and modernly furnished library

In just a 5-minute walk from the biology buildings, you have already arrived at the new Departmental Library of Science and Mathematics: since 2015, 750 individual and lockable group study places have been available here, many of them with daylight. Lending has become even more flexible with the support of automatic lending and return machines. Here too, the short distances help you to make your studies as comfortable as possible.

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Reason #9: Best catering by the award-winning Mensa

What do you need for good performance? Exactly- a good meal! The Mensa at the Westerberg has won several awards, offers regional and sustainable meal choices, as well as vegetarian and vegan food, so that everyone gets their money's worth. The mensa building is located next to the biology buildings and was completed in 2012. There is room for up to 1000 students at a time, so there are very few waiting times.The Café Lounge in the basement invites you to drink coffee and work in a café-like atmosphere or treat yourself with some ice cream during hot summertimes. A nice extra for those working late: warm meals are also available in the evenings.

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Reason #10: A modern student city with a charming historical city center

With approx. 168,000 inhabitants, Osnabrück is a city worth living in and has a lot to offer: Great shopping opportunities, a great cultural offer and good connections to surrounding cities. At the same time, Osnabrück has retained the charm of a manageable city in which one does not remain anonymous. Nevertheless, student life is by no means neglected: an estimated 18,000 students live, learn and celebrate here - and you can see that! Convince yourself of Osnabrück's cultural and party life, enjoy nature in the surrounding Teutoburg Forest, go swimming in the 'Moskau' ('Moscow' - a swimming pool), relax in the 'Wüste' ('desert' - a city district)  and meet up with friends in 'Jäger' or in 'Schmales Handtuch' (traditional and popular bars in Osnabrück). We are looking forward to you!

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