Bock auf ein Bio-Studium? Hier erfährst du, was in Osnabrück auf dich wartet!

Off to your studies!

School is over or you are about to take your last exams and are already looking for a place to study biology? Then you are exactly right here! Here you can find out what makes Osnabrück so special and why studying biology on the green campus in the peace city of Lower Saxony is really worthwhile!


Not just talking, acting!

You've probably always been interested in biology, but the highest of feelings in biology class was the one hour at the bad school microscope? You are up for a lot of laboratory practice and biology you can touch? Good news for you! The Bachelor of Biology in Osnabrück includes a solid basic education in the broad biological disciplines as well as a very high practical part, directly from the first semester! During a series of lectures, which is also affectionately called "lecture series", you will get an insight into a different discipline every two weeks during the first two semesters. Accompanying this, you will be able to try out many short practical courses and learn the biological craft right from the start. In this way you will quickly get an idea of what you like, what arouses your curiosity and what you are really passionate about! 


In order to be prepared for modern and interdisciplinary biology, you will also be trained in the other natural science subjects chemistry and physics, as well as in mathematics. Despite all this, biology always remains in focus and you can apply what you have learned directly.

Also during the corona crisis we do our best to make sure that you can learn as much as possible practically. 

In the winter semester 2020/2021 we are also focusing on a so-called hybrid semester and try to take as much of you as possible into regular university life as a freshman! Digital and classroom teaching will complement each other in such a way that we will get through the time as well as possible. 

(Almost) infinite possibilities!

Biology in Osnabrück is incredibly diverse and has something to offer for everyone! Thanks to the lecture series of the first two semesters, you are already well prepared for the third semester, in which you can start your specialization and arrange your elective course according to your interests. In the fifth semester, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing your extension modules and you can choose lectures and modules from no less than 16 subject areas, just as you like. No one is left out in the cold here!


The broad professional competence of our department is well known not only in Osnabrück: Since 2010, the lecturers of the Department of Biology have been involved in the German revision and new edition of Campbell, the best-selling standard textbook in biology. This will also be your main textbook during your biology studies.



Study where others relax!

By the way, you will be allowed to study in one of the greenest places near the city center of Osnabrück! The Westerberg campus, which houses the natural sciences, as well as mathematics and computer science, is located near an urban recreation area and right next to the Botanical Garden. You decide whether you want to study in the light-flooded rooms of the ultra-modern library on campus, in the comfortable beanbags in our foyer, or in a meadow or under a tree. If you want to clear your head in between, take a detour to the Botanical Garden and let yourself be inspired in the rock garden or the greenhouse. You can find out more about our green campus here.



We are a great team!

Our biology department consists of about 300 employees and associates, plus about 20 professorships and 40 scientific staff. Together we are a great and manageable team, in which nobody is anonymously lost in the masses. That's why you are not just a matriculation number, but an integral part of our biology. We are well networked, both professionally and personally: Biological colloquia and joint celebrations such as the famous Christmas and Summer Festival of Biology invite you to exchange ideas and celebrate together. In our research projects, e.g. in our Collaborative Research Center, we also often work together and this bears fruit. In only three adjacent buildings you will find all working groups and contacts, the distances are correspondingly short. With us, you don't have to wait long for appointments, you can simply drop by. The doors of our lecturers and professors are always open for you!


For more than 10 years, the university has also carried the certificate of the Family Friendly University and we mean it: Since 2013, a day care center right next to the biology buildings ensures that you can combine your studies and family life!

With us you can study in a relaxed and familiar atmosphere. Become a part of Biology Osnabrück!

This is what your studies look like:
It all sounds interesting, but you want a concrete idea of what you want to study biology? See here what you can expect in the next 6 semesters!


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