Our Westerberg campus has plenty of green spaces for a short break between lectures or to relax after the seminars. Already found a good spot?

Studying at the Green Campus Osnabrück

In contrast to the inner-city campus, the biology buildings on the Westerberg campus are directly surrounded by green meadows, fields and have direct access to the Rubbenbruchsee recreation area. So you don't have to search long to find a nice place in the green.


Only a few steps away from the lecture buildings there are meadows where you can spread out and relax between lectures. For studying in between, wooden picnic tables, which can be carried back and forth around the campus whereever you would like to sit, are available - so keep your eyes open.


When it gets really hot in summer, you can sit under the beautiful old chestnut trees or in the shade of the sandstone buildings. Did you know that the buildings, some of which are over 100 years old, were once used as military barracks? What remains are some beautiful historical buildings, in whose shade you can cool down very well. For a little more peace and quiet and a far-sightedness it is worthwhile for everyone to enjoy the beautiful landscape from the top of the Westerberg. Just walk up the hill and enjoy the view! Here you will also enough space to sit and chill.

The Botanical Garden is a perfect place to retreat

If a meadow is not enough as a natural oasis, we have good news for you: In just five minutes walking distance you can visit our beautiful Botanical Garden, where there is something to discover in every season with its rich colors and variety of species. On approximately eight hectares you can walk through the most diverse vegetation zones with over 8000 plant species and find the most beautiful place for you to relax or learn. Observe in vivo what is being taught in your botanical classes. Whether you're interested in biodiversity and the conservation of biological diversity or not, you'll find a nice spot here!


Off to the 'Rubbenbruchsee'

Walking on the top ridge of the Westerberg you can enjoy the view of the campus from above or continue the path straight on to the Rubbenbruchsee. It is a very popular recreation area among Osnabrücks inhabitants and can be reached within 10 minutes at most by bike.

Here you will find beautiful meadows for chilling out, extensive wooded areas for walking or jogging, official barbecue areas, a mini-golf course, a pedal boat rental for a trip on the water and various restaurants and cafés. If you want to see something more exciting, walk over to the neighboring Atterheide airfield and watch the hobby pilots take off and land. For horse lovers there are many riding stables in the immediate vicinity of the lake. What are you waiting for? Grab your fellow students and after the last lecture it's "off to the lake"!

© Osnabrück University | Lena Dehnen
© Osnabrück University | Lena Dehnen
© Osnabrück University | Lena Dehnen